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About the Problem

Reported Results
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  • This example is taken, almost verbatim, from the article below. We offer two implementations of this problem that differ in subtle ways. These differences are outlined in an addendum to this document (see the last page of this pdf) authored by Jing Xie, a PhD student at Cornell University as of November 2012, who uncovered an issue in her work with Peter Frazier and Steve Chick. The two versions of the code arose because our own team coded this problem based on the description in the paper but without access to the original code used by Hong and Nelson. Subsequently, Xie obtained the original code from the authors when she could not resolve an apparent difference between her results and those reported by Hong and Nelson in their paper. She then discovered the difference. The code

ATO is the code we developed, and the code ATOHongNelson is the original code from Hong and Nelson, adapted to have the standard library interface (currently preffered).

  • Budget = [3000, 9000, 15000];


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